A Cash Cargo For Delta Pilots?

BATTERED BY layoffs, Delta's pilots have devised a plan to restore jobs by expanding the ailing carrier's small (6% of revenue) air-freight business. Although of late no love has been lost between the pilots and Delta Air Lines, Delta's recent actions indicate that such an expansion might fly.

The Air Line Pilots Assn. proposes that Delta take seven L-1011 jets planned for phaseout, convert them into cargo jets, and fly between Anchorage and Pacific Rim cities--creating jobs for 200 pilots. Many could be drawn from the 505 pilots furloughed by Delta. The airline, which promises no more layoffs, is in tense talks with ALPA over management plans to cut costs $340 million more.

Delta says it will study the union's freight proposal. However, CEO Ronald Allen recently said he intends to get more heavily into cargo--leaving details unclear. The pilots are ready when you are, Ron.

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