Table: Edgar Jr.'S Brave New World

1994 REVENUES             MCA
      UNIVERSAL PICTURES        Producer of Jurassic Park, E.T., Jaws, Back
       $2.3 BILLION*            to the Future, Psycho. Library of 4,700 films.
      MCA MUSIC                 Fine Young Cannibals, Meat Loaf, Reba
      ENTERTAINMENT             McEntire. Geffen Records label handles 
      GROUP                     Aerosmith, Nirvana, Counting Crows.
       $1.4 BILLION*   
      MCA TELEVISION            Owns 50% of USA Network. Produces TV
      GROUP                     shows Coach, Murder She Wrote, and 
       $600 MILLION*            Northern Exposure.
      THEME PARKS               Owns Universal Studios tour in Hollywood 
       $350 MILLION*            and 50% of Florida theme park.
      MCA BOOK                  Owns Putnam Berkeley Group and Price 
      PUBLISHING                Stern Sloan. Authors include Tom Clancy, 
       $240 MILLION*            Alice Hoffman, Dean Koontz.
      CINEPLEX ODEON            Owns 42% of this 2,800-screen, $359
       $150 MILLION*            million movie theater operator.
      SPIRITS AND WINE          Brands include Chivas Regal, Martell 
       $4.9 BILLION             Cognac, and Sterling Vineyards wines.
      TROPICANA                 Fruit juices, coolers, mixers.
       $1.5 BILLION 
      * Estimate      DATA: BUSINESS WEEK, SEAGRAM CO.

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