Call It The Great White Shoe Way

MORGAN STANLEY IS SET TO light up Broadway with its new 41-story headquarters building. Sitting in the heart of New York's neon-flashing Times Square, at Broadway and 47th Street, at least the venerable firm won't blaze its name out at tourists. Instead, there will be a high-tech "information wall." This includes two 40-foot cylindrical drums--one, a flattened globe with Morgan Stanley office locations marked; the other, a similar globe or a video display. Also, three, block-long, 18-foot-high moving news tickers will carry real-time market data. Plus, another display will give currency-exchange quotes.

Now, don't think going glitz is necessarily Morgan Stanley's idea (the firm declined to comment). Zoning rules require all buildings around Times Square to sport large, bright signs. The display, done by the century-old Times Square specialist Artkraft Strauss Signs, should be ready by September's move-in date.

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