Abandoning The Needy Is A `Cheap Shot'

It must be a result of Lady Thatcher's frequent and popular lecture tours across the U.S. that survival-of-the-fittest concepts have crept into the Republican social vision ("The GOP's blind faith in charity," American News, Mar. 6). Seeking genuine and defensible savings in welfare programs is one thing, but for the government to abandon the responsibility of caring for the poor, sick, elderly, and homeless is another.

This should never have become a partisan issue--between Conservatives and Socialists in Britain or between Republicans and Democrats in America. However strongly one may feel about privatization and private entrepreneurship (as I do), government cannot simply walk away from its duty to help, protect, and improve the well-being of the less privileged.

This is not an American problem. It's a world problem. And relying

on charities is a cheap shot if I ever

saw one.

Karl H. Pagac


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