A Hemline With A Credit Line

Ah, Oscar Night. Full of glitter, gold--and American Express gold cards.

This year's scene-stealer: Lizzy Gardiner, the costume designer who won an Oscar for her work on The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, a sort of Australian transvestite buddy movie. She accepted her award in a gown made of AmEx gold cards. Quipped host David Letterman: "You can't buy that kind of advertising."

Actually, AmEx bought considerable advertising for the telecast. It also produced 300 cards with Gardiner's name embossed on the front, shipping them to Australia just days before the ceremony. It took Gardiner 10 hours to punch 6 holes in each card and sew them together. Says Maureen Bailey, the AmEx exec who arranged the fashion statement: "We think it's fabulous, terrific, and creative." And yes, Gardiner holds a real AmEx card.

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