Stay Tuned For M.I.T. Blue?

SEXY SCIENTISTS emoting on network prime time? It may happen. Nobel prize winner Leon Lederman is seeking funding for a TV show to do for scientists what L.A. Law did for lawyers and ER did for surgeons. Tentative title: The Dean, because the show will revolve around a college dean as he explores nuclear fusion and battles hazardous-waste spills.

Lederman earned his 1988 Nobel in physics by studying subatomic particles called neutrinos, which have no detectable mass. Cynics might say a prime-time berth is even harder to find. Yet Lederman, 72, now a professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, says CBS Chief Laurence Tisch encouraged him to develop the concept. No comment from CBS. Plus, Lederman has high-power help developing the proposal: Adrian Malone, executive producer of such science-TV hits as Carl Sagan's Cosmos. Although Lederman wants episodes to be scientifically accurate in every respect, he says, "I think we're going to have a problem with that, and I think we're going to lose." Quick study, that guy.

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