Business Gets Behind Regulatory Reform

"Voodoo regulation?" (Science & Technology, Mar. 13) left two erroneous impressions: first, that a significant portion of the business community is not supportive of regulatory reform; second, that if the reform legislation passes, business will be worse off rather than better off.

The business support for regulatory reform is extremely widespread. The Alliance for Reasonable Regulation signed up more than 1,700 members--businesses and associations--in two months and is still growing. Most of the leading business groups are members, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers, of which I am president.

U.S. business is supporting regulatory reform because, under current law, many regulations are based on outdated or implausible scientific data and methodology and fail to weigh the cost and benefits in a rational manner. There is nothing illusory about the benefits all Americans will reap from overdue regulatory reform.

Jerry Jasinowski


Alliance for Reasonable Regulation


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