Finessing The Steel Slugfest With A `Minigrated' Mill

Your article "The brutal brawl ahead in steel" (Industries, Mar. 13) correctly identifies the intense competition that new flat-rolled minimills will face but it incorrectly lists Acme Metals as one of the companies building a minimill.

Our project, which will be completed in the second half of 1996, is a unique hybrid, the world's first "minigrated" steel plant. We are remaining an integrated steel producer, with all the inherent quality advantages, but we are marrying our existing integrated steelmaking operations with a significantly enhanced version of the low-cost, high-quality steel-

finishing operations developed by SMS Schloemann-Siemag.

Brian W.H. Marsden

Chairman & Chief Executive

Acme Metals Inc.

Riverdale, Ill.

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