Table: Care For The Elderly: Resources

ELDERCARE LOCATOR      Sponsored by the National Association of Area
        (800 677-1116)       Agencies on Aging, this information line will
                             direct you to services in your parents' area.
      NATIONAL ASSOCIATION   These private-care managers may perform a
        OF PROFESSIONAL      range of services for the elderly, from arranging
        GERIATRIC CARE       placement in a nursing home to helping balance
        MANAGERS             a checkbook. Their national trade group will
        (602 881-8008)       provide you with names.
      NATIONAL ACADEMY OF    This lawyer's association offers free materials
        ELDER LAW ATTORNEYS  on how to choose an estate planner or elder
        (602 881-4005)       law attorney.
      NATIONAL ORGANIZATION  Finds professionals to take over the burden
        OF CLAIMS ASSISTANCE of health-insurance paperwork. One firm,
        PROFESSIONALS        Claims Security of America (800 400-4066),
        (708 963-3500)       offers free brochures on the service.
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