Hyperman Closes In On Your Kids

IBM'S CARTOON SUPERHERO, like his corporate sponsor, is surging ahead. When we last left Hyperman in the fall, he was battling such evil-doers as Kid Chaos and Entrobe--and fighting to land a Saturday morning TV program. Well, way to go, H-man. CBS will begin airing a Hyperman cartoon show in September.

It will be a vast expansion of the audience for The Adventures of Hyperman, currently a CD-ROM program being developed by IBM and a Hollywood team to teach kids ages 8 to 11 about science in an entertaining way. "CBS fell in love with it right off the bat," says Cal Morrell, a manager with IBM's Multimedia Publishing Studio in Atlanta. Look for Hyperman to explore other topics, such as history and geography. IBM and its partners are even eyeing tie-in deals, such as Hyperman toys and T-shirts. And why not? Now that Big Blue has relaxed its starchy dress code and gone casual, the T-shirts could be a hot item among company employees.

By Ira Sager

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