Live And Online From Abbey Road

LOOKING TO SEND YOUR favorite Beatles fan something special? Well, send 'em a postcard, drop 'em a line, stating point of view. Send them a BEATLEgram.

It's a digital postcard that you can now deliver over the Internet. You can even decorate it with photos taken when the Beatles performed at British Broadcasting Corp. studios in the early 1960s--famous sessions that have just been officially released for the first time. To help promote the CD, Capital Records has set up a "Live at the BBC" site on the Net's World Wide Web. It offers sound bites from radio interviews and lets fans participate in a "chat room" to discuss their favorite tunes, movie scenes, and other trivia. The Web address is And remember, when sending a BEATLEgram: Indicate precisely what you mean to say. Yours sincerely, Wasting Away.

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