Clinton's New Covenant? Thanks, But No Thanks

In "The crux for Clinton: Following through" (News: Commentary & Analysis, Feb. 6), you seem to think Clinton's New Covenant is a reasonable vision of government. You use a quote from Clinton's State of the Union speech: "We should rely on government as a partner to help us do more for ourselves." As a middle-class American who voted for the GOP last November, I see nothing reasonable in that quote. This government "partner," with my other "partner," the state of Michigan, already takes 40% of my income.

Please, no more partners! What the liberals don't understand is that regular middle-class people don't want the government for a partner. We can do more for ourselves if the government gets out of our lives, leaves us alone, reduces its size, and takes less of our money.

So let's get on with it, GOP. We have two years. Let's slash, and let's burn.

Peter Chandler

Muskegon, Mich.