Table: The Top Performers

These 38 bond mutual funds have earned three upward-pointing arrows in the 
      BUSINESS WEEK Mutual Fund Scoreboard. To get this rating, they needed to 
      deliver superior risk- adjusted total returns over the last five years.
         FUND                                AVERAGE ANNUAL      OBJECTIVE
                                              TOTAL RETURN*
      AIM LIMITED MATURITY TREASURY RETAIL          6.0%    Government-Treasury
      AMERICAN CAPITAL TAX-EXEMPT H/Y MUNI. A       7.1     Municipal-national
      ASSET MANAGEMENT SHORT U.S. GOVT.             6.7     Government-general
      BERNSTEIN GOVT. SHORT DURATION                6.0     Government-general
      BERNSTEIN SHORT DURATION PLUS                 6.4     Corporate-high-quality
      CALVERT TAX-FREE RES. LIMITED-TERM A          4.9     Municipal-national
      DREYFUS SHORT-INTERM. GOVERNMENT              7.3     Government-general
      DREYFUS SHORT-INTERM. MUNICIPAL BOND          5.5     Municipal-national
      DUPREE KENTUCKY TAX-FREE INCOME               7.3     Municipal-single-state
      FIDELITY ADVISOR HIGH-YIELD A                15.9     Corporate-high-yield
      FIDELITY AGGRESSIVE TAX-FREE                  7.0     Municipal-national
      FIDELITY CAPITAL & INCOME                    13.5     Corporate-high-yield
      FIDELITY MORTGAGE SECURITIES                  7.4     Government-mortgage
      FIDELITY SPARTAN LIMITED MATURITY GOVT.       6.4     Government-general
      FIDELITY SPARTAN SHORT-INTERM. MUNIC.         5.7     Municipal-national
      FLAGSHIP LIMITED-TERM TAX-EXEMPT A            6.4     Municipal-national
      FPA NEW INCOME                                9.8     Corporate-general
      FRANKLIN HIGH-YIELD T/F INCOME                7.3     Municipal-national
      INVESCO SELECT INCOME                         8.6     Corporate-general
      MAINSTAY HI-YIELD CORP. BOND B               12.9     Corporate-high-yield
      OPPENHEIMER CHAMPION HI-YIELD A              13.5     Corporate-high-yield
      OPPENHEIMER HIGH-YIELD A                     10.8     Corporate-high-yield
      PORTICO SHORT-TERM BOND RETAIL                7.0     Corporate-general
      T. ROWE PRICE TAX-FREE HIGH-YIELD             7.2     Municipal-national
      T. ROWE PRICE TAX-FREE SHORT-INTRM.           5.3     Municipal-national
      SCUDDER MEDIUM-TERM TAX-FREE                  6.8     Municipal-national
      SIT TAX-FREE INCOME                           6.7     Municipal-national
      STRONG ADVANTAGE                              7.4     Corporate-general
      STRONG GOVERNMENT SECURITIES                  8.6     Government-general
      THORNBURG LIMITED-TERM MUNI. CA. A            5.5     Municipal-California
      THORNBURG LIMITED-TERM MUNI. NATL. A          6.0     Municipal-national
      UNITED MUNICIPAL HIGH-INCOME                  7.7     Municipal-national
      USAA TAX-EXEMPT SHORT-TERM                    5.1     Municipal-national
      VANGUARD FIXED-INC. S/T CORPORATE             7.2     Corporate-high-quality
      VANGUARD MUNICIPAL BOND INTERM.-TERM          7.4     Municipal-national
      VANGUARD MUNICIPAL BOND LIMITED-TERM          5.8     Municipal-national
      VANGUARD MUNICIPAL BOND SHORT-TERM            4.8     Municipal-national
      VENTURE MUNI (+) PLUS B                       6.6     Municipal-national
      *Pretax, includes reinvestment of dividends and capital gains, 1990-94  DATA: