Table: 10 Best Paid Trade Group Chiefs

JACK VALENTI Motion Picture Assn.                            $858,868
      THOMAS ASHLEY*** Association of Bank Holding Companies        810,497
      JASON BERMAN Recording Industry Association of America        769,808
      ROBERT VAGLEY American Insurance Assn.                        724,634
      EDWIN HARPER Association of American Railroads                712,782
      RICHARD SCHWEIKER American Council of Life Insurance          680,403
      THOMAS WHEELER Cellular Telecommunications Industry Assn.     650,000*
      RICHARD DAVIDSON American Hospital Assn.                      602,641
      FRANKLIN NUTTER Reinsurance Assn.                             600,804
      CATHLEEN BLACK Newspaper Assn.                                600,000
      *Includes deferred compensation  **Excluding benefits and allowances, as 
      reported to Internal Revenue Service, for 1993  ***No longer employed here  
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