Internet Matchmaking For Recyclers

SAY YOU'VE GOT A 100 TONS of excess cardboard you'd like to sell. Or a truckload of old plastic bottles ready for recycling. Or a bunch of scrap metal. Global Recycling Network Inc. is waiting for your call--or, more precisely, for your computer connection over the Internet.

The Brookhaven (N.Y.) startup has just launched a service on the Internet that helps bring together buyers and sellers of all kinds of recyclable stuff, from leather and rubber scrap to used and rebuilt medical machinery. The company doesn't act as a sales agent, only as a means for various parties to find one another and gather news about the global recycling market. The service also lists shipping agents, transportation operators, customs brokers, and law firms specializing in international trade.

Subscribers pay a flat fee of $30 a month, which entitles them to unlimited browsing of Global Recycling's computer database via a direct Internet connection called telnet. To help companies that are unable to make telnet connections but can send electronic mail, the computer can automatically scan all new listings for specified keywords and alert them by E-mail whenever a match shows up. So far, 350 subscribers have posted about 650 business leads.