The Newt American Library

SPEAKER NEWT GINGRICH HAD to give up his $4.5 million book advance from a publishing house owned by media magnate Rupert Murdoch. But other publishers are moving to cash in on the flame-tongued Republican's rise to power.

Already, they have pumped out three quickie books inspired by the controversial Georgian. Quotations from Speaker Newt contains his philosophical musings, caustic anti-Democratic zingers, and a brief excerpt from his steamy, unpublished spy novel, 1945. For loyal Newtoids, it also gives a list of Gingrich's "must read" recommendations (example: The Federalist Papers), and a copy of the Contract With America.

The other new books are NewtWit! (on Clinton: "Dukakis with a Southern accent") and NEWTisms. Pocket Books, which cashed in on the success of the movie Forrest Gump with GUMPisms, is hoping for a reprise with NEWTisms. A

taste: Clinton Democrats are "the enemy of normal Americans."