Table: The Top Performers

These equity mutual funds have earned three upward-pointing arrows in the 
      BUSINESS WEEK Mutual Fund Scoreboard. To get this rating, they needed to 
      deliver superior risk-adjusted total returns over the last five years.
      FUND                        AVERAGE ANNUAL   INVESTMENT       RISK
                                   TOTAL RETURN*   OBJECTIVE
      AIM AGGRESSIVE GROWTH                23.5%   Maximum growth   High
      ALLIANCE TECHNOLOGY A                22.0    Technology       Very high
      CRABBE HUSON EQUITY                  14.7    Growth           Low
      CRABBE HUSON SPECIAL                 19.5    Growth           High
      EVERGREEN FOUNDATION                 15.0    Balanced         Low
      FAM VALUE                            13.3    Small company    Low
      FIDELITY ASSET MANAGER               11.1    Asset allocation Very low
      FIDELITY BLUE CHIP GROWTH            18.4    Growth           Low
      FIDELITY CONTRAFUND                  17.5    Growth           Low
      FIDELITY LOW-PRICED STOCK            18.9    Small company    Low
      FIDELITY SELECT COMPUTERS            24.0    Technology       Very high
      FIDELITY SELECT ELECTRONICS          23.1    Technology       High
      FIDELITY SELECT HEALTH CARE          18.6    Health care      High
      FIDELITY SELECT HOME FINANCE         23.6    Financial        High
      FIDELITY SEL. SOFTWARE & COMP. SVCS. 21.6    Technology       Very high
      FIDELITY SELECT TECHNOLOGY           22.3    Technology       High
      FLEX-FUNDS MUIRFIELD                  9.7    Asset allocation Very low
      FOUNDERS WORLDWIDE GROWTH            13.2    World            Low
      GATEWAY INDEX PLUS                    9.1    Growth/income    Very low
      HANCOCK FREEDOM REGIONAL BANK B      18.2    Financial        Average
      HANCOCK SPECIAL EQUITIES A           21.8    Small company    Very high
      HEARTLAND VALUE                      16.4    Small company    Average
      INVESCO STRATEGIC FINANCIAL SRVCS.   18.0    Financial        High
      INVESCO STRATEGIC LEISURE            16.7    Specialty        Average
      INVESCO STRATEGIC TECHNOLOGY         22.5    Technology       High
      KAUFMANN                             19.3    Maximum growth   High
      LINDNER DIVIDEND                      9.9    Income           Very low
      MERGER                                9.4    Growth           Very low
      MERIDIAN                             16.6    Small company    Average
      MERRILL LYNCH GLOBAL ALLOCATION B    10.7    Asset allocation Very low
      MFS EMERGING GROWTH B                21.4    Small company    Very high
      MUTUAL BEACON                        11.5    Growth/income    Very low
      MUTUAL QUALIFIED                     11.6    Growth/income    Low
      OPPENHEIMER MAIN ST. INC. & GR. A    22.2    Growth/income    Average
      PBHG GROWTH                          22.0    Small company    Very high
      PHOENIX CAPITAL APPRECIATION A       15.3    Growth           Low
      PIMCO ADVISORS OPPORTUNITY C         21.0    Maximum growth   High
      T. ROWE PRICE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY   22.0    Technology       Very high
      SELIGMAN COMMUNICATIONS & INFO. A    24.2    Technology       Very high
      SKYLINE SPECIAL EQUITIES             18.2    Small company    Average
      SMITH BARNEY PREMIUM TOTAL RETURN B  11.1    Equity-income    Very low
      SOGEN INTERNATIONAL                  10.5    Asset allocation Very low
      STRONG COMMON STOCK                  19.0    Small company    Average
      UNITED NEW CONCEPTS                  19.9    Small company    Average
      VANGUARD SPECIAL HEALTH CARE         15.6    Health care      Average
      VISTA GROWTH & INCOME A              14.9    Growth/income    Low
      WARBURG PINCUS GROWTH & INCOME       13.6    Growth/income    Low
      *1990-1994 pretax return, includes appreciation plus reinvestment of dividends 
      and capital gains
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