Table: The Debate Takes Shape

   Key issues in writing the law to deregulate telecommunications
            REPUBLICANS                                   DEMOCRATS
      Push for a set date, per-       LOCAL VS.       Favor preventing Baby
      haps Jan. 1, 1998, to let       LONG DISTANCE   Bells from entering long
      local and long distance                         distance until there is
      rivals into each others'                        proof of competition in
      markets--favoring the Bells.                    local calling.
      Senator Bob Dole has said-      CABLE TV        Expected to fight off
      he would like to repeal                         deregulation until there
      the 1992 Cable Act,                             is real competition in
      ending rate regulation.                         cable markets.
      To protect rural constitu-      UNIVERSAL       Also eager to continue
      ents, Republicans favor         SERVICE         subsidies. Plus the White
      subsidies for rural phone                       House wants a fund, paid
      companies and carriers of                       for by carriers, to wire
      last resort for the poor                        schools and libraries for
      and elderly.                                    the I-way.

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