Nothing Misguided About Personal Digital Assistants

I was most surprised to read your reference to Apple Computer Inc. and AT&T having misread the "tech road map" with their personal digital assistant products ("In the digital derby, there's no inside lane," 21st Century Capitalism, Dec. 19). I would argue that the PDA is very much with us and is already a great success.

Products in the "organizer" category from companies such as Casio Inc. are already selling in the millions. These are essentially first-generation PDAs. Apple has correctly read the road map but has merely chosen the wrong point on the price/functionality curve. I believe we shall shortly see more accurately positioned high-end PDAs, and these devices will enable a massive upgrading from today's millions of organizers to tomorrow's PDAs. These products will probably include enhanced communication capabilities, together with the type of touch screen and stylus employed in the Newton.

Ian Solomon


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