Phone It In Without Leaving Your Keyboard

IS YOUR DESK TOO SMALL OR too crowded to handle both a telephone and your computer keyboard? Would you like to be able to use the phone without taking your eyes off of the PC screen? Maybe Integrated Technology USA Inc. in Teaneck, N.J., has just what you need: a standard IBM PC-compatible keyboard that comes with a built-in telephone. The key pad on the right side of the keyboard doubles as the telephone dial and control panel. A telephone headset, included in the $139 list price, plugs into the keyboard for hands-free phone work.

Integrated Technology is supplying its CompuPhone 2000 unit with software for Microsoft's DOS and Windows that lets customers manage lists of telephone numbers, dial automatically, log incoming and outgoing calls, and analyze calling patterns. Using the telephone-keyboard requires no additions within the computer chassis itself, but hearing your keyboard ring every time a call comes in may take some getting used to.

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