A Welcome Wagon For Business Week Online

Your online edition of BUSINESS WEEK showed up on my computer screen today, even though the regular mail edition hasn't arrived yet. It's great that you are now available electronically. As a regular reader since the 1960s, I rely on some of your analyses for forecasts of trends among our customers. It will be a real convenience to be able to download the articles I'm interested in for later use at work. On the other hand, the paper version of the magazine is much easier to scan and browse through.

The clear and colorful graphics of your online edition were also a pleasure to view. Please keep moving forward into the new, electronic world. I can't wait to see where it will take us in a few years.

Mike O'Donnell



What a great way to get the information that I have enjoyed for more than 20 years. I can now enjoy your magazine in two media.

Sheldon K. Feldman

Cranford, N.J.


I just read your Jan. 9 edition on America Online. This is the best presentation of a magazine online by far. I look forward to each new edition.

Ara Derderian

Alta Loma, Calif.


I am a subscriber to BUSINESS WEEK, and the computer services add 100% to the magazine. Of particular help, since I have a home office for marketing consulting, is the corporate directory with phone numbers and addresses.

I keep all the back issues of BUSINESS WEEK and constantly search through stacks to find a back issue for a specific article or feature. Now, by offering the ability to search back issues on the computer, you have come up with a magic solution for research. The biggest problem: finding time to search everything you have put on America Online. Looking forward to your progress.

Bob Strock

Corporate Network

Los Angeles


I have been a regular subscriber to your magazine and count on it a great deal to help me understand more about political, business, and investment trends. I look forward to checking out what you have on AOL.

A special thanks for returning the leading-indicators graph to your page of economic statistics. It's something I never fail to check each week, and a chart is much better than dry numbers. I like the new graphic design as well.

John Mistretta



Welcome to AOL! With you online, I can check out the international edition and see what's going on. I subscribe to the U.S. edition, and now I am complete. Best of luck.

Luis J. Samra



I just want to indicate that I'd prefer if you'd simplify your artwork so that when I'm online, I don't have to wait forever while the art downloads.

Marianne Abrahamson



Editor's note: Several subscribers have voiced a similar complaint. The initial delay, during which BUSINESS WEEK ONLINE's icons and custom type are downloaded to your computer, should be a one-time event. On subsequent visits, our main screen should appear in just a few seconds, depending on the speed of the modem you're using. We have also taken special care to make navigation through our area as efficient as possible. We invite subscribers to check us out periodically and let us know whether problems persist.

Thank you for going online with America Online. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Randy White

Post Falls, Idaho


At least with my computer, I can get the current issue of BW. I never seem to know when the mail will deliver it. I guess I'll read it on AOL and look at the pictures when I get my hard copy.

Steven C. Knoll



Finally, an online magazine with the look and feel of one purchased from the newsstand. Keep up the good work.

Chris Ritterhern

Mission Viejo, Calif.


I never pictured myself to be a "business type." Sure, I play golf and tennis and work for a major global corporation. But I don't wear a gray suit, I drive a pickup, I have a picture of Elvis on the wall, I like Mystery Science Theater 3000 and running marathons, and my secret desire is to get a tattoo at the New Orleans Jazz & Music Heritage Festival. I also read BUSINESS WEEK every week.

Welcome online. I look forward to stopping by your AOL resource. I expect it to be a rich one.

Charlie Richardson

Ballwin, Mo.


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