Is The Powerpc A Safer Bet Than Pentium Power?

There was an amusing contrast between your articles on buying Pentium computers ("Are you ready for a Pentium power trip?" Personal Business, Nov. 21) and the Hewlett-Packard/Intel venture to create a new chip ("Can this chip make the next quantum leap?" Science & Technology), which ran simultaneously. In the Pentium article you hint that people should buy a Pentium-based computer instead of a PowerPC-based one because Apple and IBM are "only now agreeing on a common hardware design." Actually, our new shared design is just an evolution of what we're building today. Our current computers are a safe investment that will only get better over time. Meanwhile, Intel's chip venture with HP is a radical replacement for the Pentium that may result in customers, as you point out, "trashing their existing programs." Intel customers face some extremely difficult transitions in the years ahead.

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