Scrap Tires Feed The Entire Cement Industry

I read your article "This blacktop comes with whitewalls" (Developments to Watch, Nov. 21), which describes a potentially beneficial use of scrap tires as an additive to road cement. Actually, the cement industry is using a substantial amount of scrap tires on the front end of the process, as fuel for cement kilns. Several cement kilns have successfully used whole or shredded tires as a partial substitute for fossil fuel. This solution not only provides an approach to the tire disposal problem but simultaneously provides a valuable source of fuel to the cement manufacturing process. Overall emissions using the tires as fuel generally are lower than those from a plant burning traditional fuels. The Environmental Protection Agency, the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority, the California Integrated Waste Management Board, and others have identified cement kilns as an environmentally suitable means ef disposing of scrap tires.

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