America's New Profile

The political complexion of America is not the only aspect of the nation that is changing. Census Bureau projections analyzed in the current issue of Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.'s Statistical Bulletin indicate that the U.S. population will add some 77 million people between 1990 and 2020 and change its age and racial profiles.

In 1990, for example, 84% of Americans were white. By 2020, the proportion will be down to 78%, with about 14% blacks and 7% Asians. Among those under 45, one out of every four will be nonwhite. Including illegal immigrants, those of Hispanic origin (of all races), plus blacks and Asians will make up at least a third of the population.

By 2020, one out of every six Americans will be 65 or over, and one out of three will be under 25, compared with 12.6% and 36%, respectively, in 1990. And California's population is expected to soar 67%, to 48 million, while New York will drop to No.4 in the population rankings behind fast-growing Texas and Florida.