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From The Man Who Brought You Silicon Graphics...

James H. Clark has always been full of crazy ideas. As an assistant professor at Stanford University in 1981, he dreamed of making hyperrealistic 3-D graphics come alive on desktop computers. When every computer company he approached said there would be no market for such gear, Clark started Silicon Graphics Inc., now a $1.5 billion company and about the hottest computer maker around. Its flashy workstations helped bring dinosaurs to life in Jurassic Park, and its technology is poised to play a key role in new multimedia services such as interactive TV.

So it's no surprise that few people are calling Clark's latest idea crazy--even if it is wildly ambitious. Today, Clark is out to tame cyberspace. By putting a user-friendly face on the Internet, his Mosaic Communications Corp. plans to open a huge market--the same way Apple Computer Inc.'s Macintosh and Microsoft Corp.'s Windows have made personal computers usable by the masses.