Throw The Bums Out, But Keep The Antitrust Exemption

Regarding "Throw the baseball exemption out" (Editorials, Sept. 26), please save your space in editorials for more profound issues of the world economy and leave baseball on the sports pages--at least until you learn more about the business of baseball.

The lack of free-market idealism and pure competition between ball clubs

is not what ails baseball. Major League Baseball is a business that competes against other forms of entertainment for its customers (fans) and revenue from television. Competitive balance affects the viability of the enterprise.

Thus, the salary-cap/revenue-sharing proposal of the owners--even though it is motivated by greed--is pertinent to the long-term success of the game. The antitrust exemption is not.

Maybe Congress should take away the exemption. Will that end the work stoppage? Probably not. More important, will it improve the business of baseball? Definitely not.

Paul King

Belle Harbor, N.Y.

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