That Sure Is One Devil Of A Logo

The devil, as the saying goes, is in the details. When Arizona Public Service recently brought out a 21-page booklet on ethical standards for its 7,000 employees, the $2 billion utility chose a snappy logo for it: the figures of two people pointing at a star.

Turns out, though, that Phoenix-based APS has the same problem that Procter & Gamble encountered a few years ago with its man-in-the-moon logo. Some workers think it closely resembles a satanic symbol and are refusing to take the manual, which spells out APS's rules against everything from conflicts of interest to harming the environment.

Too bad. The company spent months reviewing the manual and had 10,000 copies distributed to 25 different locations. "No matter how hard you work to do things right, there's an importance of knowing the culture within the company," says APS's corporate counsel, Nancy Loftin. Rather than scrap the whole project, APS is verbally describing its policies to those who won't read them. As for next year, the search is on for a new logo.

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