The `Damp Response' To Personal Digital Assistants

In "PDA: Premature death announcement" (Information Processing, Sept. 12), you surprisingly omitted some of the most impressive successes in the pen-based/PDA segment.

The automatic-identification industry, including Symbol Technologies, Telxon, and Norand, has successfully launched pen-based products that are targeted at vertical markets, such as health care and transportation, rather than the "mobile executive," who was the focus of most of the computer giants such as Apple Computer, AT&T, and Compaq Computer.

The damp response to the Newtons and EOs proves the consumer will not "swallow technology for technology's sake." Today, and more so in the future, the consumer will invest in technology that is economically justifiable.

Girish Rishi

Industry analyst

Venture Development Corp.

Natick, Mass.

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