Laptop Link

At first glance, Konexx 204 seems to be a great leap backward. Like the acoustic couplers used on the earliest portable computers, Konexx lets your computer's modem connect to the phone system through the handset rather than a plug in the wall. But unlike its predecessors, the product of San Diego's Unlimited Systems Corp. (619 622-1400) is an efficient, easy-to-use substitute for a phone jack, which can be hard to find in a hotel or elsewhere on the road. Its design allows it to be used with handsets of a variety of shapes and sizes, a strap holds the unit firmly in place, and it appears to be unaffected by ambient noise at speeds up to 14,400 bits per second. If you're nimble enough to balance a laptop on your arm, it can even be used to connect through a pay phone. The six-ounce, 71/2-inch-long Konexx can be a valuable addition to any traveler's bag of tricks.

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