The Not So Popular Pc

Computer makers who dream of making their machines as ubiquitous as toasters have their work cut out for them. A survey by the public relations firm Porter/Novelli found that Americans still regard computers as harder to use than any other high-tech home equipment. Respondents said that microwaves, television remote controls, and VCRs were the electronic products that had the most beneficial effect on their lives. Computers did rank ahead of cellular phones and CD players.

The survey also found that Americans spend an average of nearly nine hours a week in front of a computer screen and 91/2 hours on the phone. However, they average almost 201/2 hours watching TV.

      (10=hardest, 1=easiest)
      PERSONAL COMPUTER       5.4
      VIDEO GAMES             4.3
      VCR                     3.6
      MICROWAVE OVEN          1.9
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