The Lowdown On Kalamazoo, Kankakee, And Keokuk

Moving from one house to another is difficult at best. Relocating to an unfamiliar city can be downright scary. To help, PHH Corp., which specializes in corporate relocations, has come out with a pair of PC programs designed to put lots of useful facts at the fingertips of people who find themselves on the move.

Smart Moves brings together data on house prices, crime rates, and other factors for 2,300 neighborhoods in 120 U.S. metropolitan areas. The stats are collected from sources such as the Census Bureau and the FBI. The second package, Places Rated Almanac, is an annual guide ranking more than 300 cities in the U.S. and Canada on such criteria as cost of living, job markets, and transportation. The program can compare two or more cities using a combination of factors that can be weighted by the user. Both packages will retail for $39.95.

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