Old China Hands Need Not Be Old

Regarding your article "The great Chinese talent hunt" (International Business, July 18), as a Chinese student studying in the states, I think most headhunters probably neglected one large resource available to them: Chinese students in the U.S. Most Chinese students are willing to go back to their country after graduation. But the problem is, they cannot earn a salary that even pays off their tuition debt and other loans.

Some U.S. multinational corporations do recruit Chinese students at recruitment fairs, but only a few students can make a deal. It is cynical to pay an expatriate $100,000 while $10,000 or $20,000 can do it all. There is a Chinese proverb: Don't beg with your golden bowl. Waiting to be discovered, Chinese students are an incredible potential asset for U.S. multinationals.

Alan Yu

Eastern Washington University

Cheney, Wash.