Let The `Invisible Hand' Cap Ball Players' Pay

The baseball strike in the U.S.

("Ste-e-e-rike?", Top of the News News, Aug. 15) pits the owners of the teams against the players over what amounts to wage controls.

The U.S., however, is supposed to be the place where the free-market principle runs proud. If the baseball experts are correct, then Adam Smith's "invisible hand" would ensure that fair-market conditions would be found without limitations such as salary caps.

Let the ballplayers shop for their best offer, and let the fans decide if the price is right. And let the Indians finally find some fame.

P.S. Even a baseball fan living at the base of the German Alps knows that John Olerud, the man who flirted with .400 in 1993, is the first baseman for Toronto and not an outfielder.

Ste-e-e-rike 1.

Mark Kell