Just A Speedier Way To Do A Dumb Job?

Neat idea? Sure. Right idea? Not hardly. The "job evaluator" software programs reviewed in "So you hate rating your workers?" (Technology & You, Aug. 8) are nothing more than an attractive high-tech mask over the ugly face of an enduring business-as-usual problem.

Corporate America takes the trouble to build elegant performance-evaluation systems to support other human-resource activities such as promotions and incentives. Unfortunately, performance evaluations miss the mark on several counts.

The evaluations ask us to believe that we are able to assess performance in the absence of personal bias. What little feedback performance evaluations provide occurs long after the point at which it can be of any value to the


True, the new software programs highlighted in your article will certainly make the process of preparing a performance appraisal somewhat less onerous. Eventually, however, we all need to recognize that human performance must have frequent, focused, and meaningful feedback in order for it to thrive and grow.

Jeff Anthony


Anthony Consulting

Hampton, Va.

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