Have You Hugged Your Advertiser Today?

Magazine publisher Conde Nast, stung when Delta Air Lines yanked its ads from Conde Nast Traveler after a negative story, may make up the diff thanks to a similar tiff between Hearst Magazines and Revlon. Cosmetics giant Revlon is considering shunting to Conde Nast ad dollars it pulled from Hearst.

In the August Traveler, the magazine identified Delta as leading the list of airlines fined by the Federal Aviation Administration for maintenance violations, accruing more than $2 million in penalties from 1986 to 1994. Traveler publisher Richard Beckman says that's why the Atlanta-based carrier just pulled the remaining $95,000 in its $350,000 1994 ad budget for the mag. A Delta spokesman denies that the move is retribution, calling it a needed trimming of its ad budget.

At Hearst's Esquire, the September edition portrays Patricia Duff, Democrat activist and girlfriend of Revlon Chairman Ron Perelman, as a relentless social climber--"part Pamela Harriman, part Mata Hari." Now, Revlon is pulling $5 million in advertising from Hearst. Revlon officials say the reason is unhappiness over where Hearst placed the ads, not the Duff story.

Conde Nast, whose mags include Vogue and Mademoiselle, says Revlon would feel welcome. "Mr. Perelman would not have a problem with our airport maintenance pieces," says Conde Nast's Beckman.

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