Chris Whittle's Demise: Surprise, Surprise

It saddened me to read of Chris Whittle's troubles in your article "Is this the last hurrah for Chris Whittle?" (Media, Aug. 22). But his demise is not surprising. After all, most of his ideas were terrible. (Channel One was a blatant attempt to bring advertising into the classroom by bribing poorer school districts with technology.) And the stream of falsified information (such as the readership data on Special Reports) was a telling indication that all was quite unwell.

What is disheartening is the lack of sound judgment displayed by his employees and backers. You quoted a friend of Whittle: "Chris has once again demonstrated his superb salesmanship." But as every salesman worth his salt knows, you must have something of value, and you have to back up your promises.

Scott Walsh

Brooklyn, N.Y.

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