Your Pc + Monty Python = Complete Waste Of Time

Computers can be pretty boring, know what I mean, nudge, nudge? But by adapting the wacky works of former comedy team Monty Python, software maker 7th Level Inc. hopes to change that to something completely different. The interactive CD-ROM, dubbed Complete Waste of Time, contains brand-new comedy and animation, in addition to highlights from classic Python TV skits such as "The Dead Parrot" and "The Cheese Shop."

But perhaps most enticing to Monty Python fans is the Desktop Pythonizer. This program, included on the $60 CD-ROM, helps fans to personalize their Microsoft Windows desktops with Spam, policeman, and chicken icons and to punctuate selected actions with goofy sound effects and classic Python dialogue. Every time your PC receives a fax, for example, it might exclaim: "There's a penguin on the telly!" Complete Waste of Time, published by the Richardson (Tex.)-based 7th Level, will also be available on floppy disks as well as CD-ROM by the end of the year.

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