`Return On Quality': It's A Trademark

Since inventing "ROQ: Return on Quality" in 1991 and obtaining a trademark registration for it, we have invested substantially in creating recognition for it, and we deliver our services under the mark. As far as I am aware, it has not been appropriated by other consultants or corporations.

You can imagine my schizophrenic reaction of delight and chagrin on reading "Making quality pay" (Cover Story, Aug. 8), which praised a methodology and a terminology we have used extensively with our clients.

If BUSINESS WEEK's lucid presentation of the ROQ message has the impact I expect, American corporations and our own company will be the winners. I am writing, nevertheless, to protect our company's asset and to set the record straight on the origin of ROQ and its process for achieving near-term business results.

John R. Murphy


Executive Edge Inc.

Fairfield, Conn.

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