Pta Meetings? Part Of A Government Plot

To counter critics from the far right, the Clinton Administration is pushing "profamily" and education initiatives, including more parental involvement in schools. Its newest foray is to urge companies to give employee-parents leeway to do that.

Education Secretary Richard Riley is expected to soon launch a campaign showcasing companies with innovative programs to free employees for parent-teacher meetings and volunteer work in schools. Example: NationsBank, which lets parents perform education-related activities on company time.

Even though Riley's campaign is only a public pat on the back, conservative detractors have launched a preemptive strike. "This is just more government encroachment" on the local control of education, grumbles Janet Parshall, spokeswoman for Concerned Women for America. What really riles Bill Clinton's foes is his plan for voluntary federal standards for math and science in classrooms.

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