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The Internet may let you roam the card catalogs of the world's major libraries, but for the most part, it's a vast wasteland for business information. Now, Quote.Com Inc. in Reno, Nev., is giving the Net a taste of the financial data long available from such services as CompuServe Inc. and Prodigy. But unlike most Internet information, Quote.Com carries a price. A basic $9.95 monthly subscription includes up to 100 stock-price quotes daily, portfolio monitoring, and daily summaries and price alerts via E-mail. Extra-cost options include access to Standard & Poor's Corp.'s MarketScope ($14.95 per month), the S&P StockGuide ($24.95 per month), and the full text of news releases from BusinessWire ($1 per item or $9.95 per month). The interface is clunky by commercial on-line standards, but the service is fast. For more information, send an E-mail message to

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