Soho Gets Hip To The I Way

Technology meets art in cyberspace come Dec. 3. That's when Bioinformatica, an installation exploring the Information Superhighway's social effects, opens at the Sandra Gering Gallery in New York's trendy SoHo district. At the same time, the public will be able to use the equally trendy Internet to interact with the exhibit's computer-based pieces from practically anywhere in the world.

The installation is being organized by the Art-X Foundation, a collective devoted to exploring art and information technology. Art-X members include, among others, visual artist Jenny Holzer, multimedia rocker Laurie Anderson, and dramatist Robert Wilson. Their goal is to show how computer technologies can serve as an extension of the human body, create imaginary new spaces in which people can meet, and even construct entirely new communities and "realities." Much of what is now called "virtual reality," they say, will eventually be taken for granted--just as the once-revolutionary telephone is now among the most mundane of household gadgets.


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