Printers That Can Fit Your Designs To A T Shirt

`My parents went to Rome and all I got was this lousy T-shirt." Tired of such insipid slogans? Now artistic types can express themselves with their own lousy T-shirts. All you need is a PC and special printers and paper from Fargo Electronics Inc. of Eden Prairie, Minn. Here's how it works. First, create your own design using any popular drawing package for Windows or Macintosh computers. After reversing the image--which most drawing packages make possible--you simply print the image onto special transfer paper fed into Fargo's Primera printer or the company's high-end PrimeraPro. (The printers, which produce thermal-wax color output, cost $995 and $1,895, respectively).

The images can then be pressed onto T-shirts as well as mugs and other surfaces for custom creations. The price sounds steep for decorating clothes, but just think: Buy one, and you can start your own desktop T-shirt store.

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