A Full Frontal Assault On Sexism

Bruce Willis, sex discrimination victim. That's Bruno's kvetch over rating policies that have forced strategic cuts in his new erotic thriller, Color of Night. Filmmakers sliced some brief frontal flashes of Willis in the buff so the flick was able to get an "R" rating.

Before the cuts, the Motion Picture Association of America was set to slap on an "NC-17" rating. That's tantamount to an "X," say industry insiders, since many newspapers won't accept "NC-17" movie ads. Color, co-starring Jane March, opens Aug. 19.

Were he female, full-frontal nudity would only land him an "R," Willis has contended lately. "He thinks it's definitely sexist," says spokesman Paul Bloch. Indeed, Sharon Stone's notorious exposure in Basic Instinct didn't remove that picture's "R." The MPAA has no comment.

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