Wedding In Cyberspace

Zeitgeist watch: On Aug. 20, Monika G. Liston, 25, and Hugh H. Jo, 33, will tie the knot in what is said to be the world's first virtual-reality wedding. How will it work? The betrothed and a minister will climb into pods at a CyberMind Virtual Reality Center in San Francisco, don computerized headgear, and immediately become immersed in a recreation of the lost city of Atlantis--chariots, carousels, a palace, doves--you get the idea. Says the bride to be, a CyberMind executive assistant: "We're being married in our ultimate dream place." Tiny CyberMind hopes to get a lot of public-relations mileage out of helping make the $1 million event happen. And you thought Michael Jackson's wedding was weird?

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