Sculley Is Clicking At Kodak

Just weeks after being hired by Eastman Kodak as an outside consultant, former Apple Computer Chairman John Sculley seems to be wielding major clout. Kodak insiders say Sculley was instrumental in the Aug. 9 hiring of Kodak's new digital imaging chief, Carl Gustin. A former advertising agency executive, Gustin worked closely with Sculley during his six years as a high-level Apple marketing executive. Gustin shifted to Digital Equipment early this year. Kodak insiders say Sculley is playing a dual role at Kodak, which is paying for 25% of his time. He's working one-on-one with CEO George Fisher on big-think issues. And groups of Kodak managers in the nascent digital-imaging division are being flown to Kodak's New York office to hear his thoughts.

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