Investment Figures Of The Week

Takeover stocks accelerated and auto stocks sputtered, but the broad market 
      remained in a narrow trading range. Friday's stronger-than-expected employment 
      report added to fears that the Aug. 16 Fed policymaking committee meeting will 
      bring the fifth interest-rate hike so far this year. Bond prices fell, sending 
      the yield on the 30-year Treasury to 7.57%. Meanwhile, the dollar strengthened 
      at the prospect of rising rates and an improved outlook for trade talks between 
      the U.S. and Japan.
      All data on this page are as of market close Wednesday, Aug. 10, 1994, unless 
      otherwise indicated. Industry groups include S&P 500 companies only; 
      performance and share prices are as of market close Aug. 9. Mutual fund returns 
      are as of Aug. 5. Relative portfolios are valued as of Aug. 9. A more detailed 
      explanation of this page is available on request.
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