When It Comes To Nafta, El Norte's No Picnic, Either

Your article "NAFTA: A green light for red tape" (International Business, July 25) only shows one side of the coin. Companies trying to import into the U.S. under NAFTA face American labeling and packaging restrictions every bit as onerous and protective as those in Mexico. California, for example, forbids selling honey in 500-gram jars and requires Mexican exporters to order expensive new tools and dies for those package sizes. Furthermore, goods sold in the U.S. are subject to the very same type of labeling restrictions (language, letter size, etc.) you criticize for Mexico. Red tape cuts both ways, but U.S. red tape is much stickier. I'd rather ship south than north.

Gerhart E. Reuss

Managing Director

Miel Carlota

Mexico City

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