Mexico Wants Spanish Labels? The Nerve!

The Mexican government has outrageously disrupted common U.S. business practices, according to "NAFTA: A green light for red tape" (International Business, July 25). How dare they heap bureaucratic red tape on a great American company just to get Spanish labels and directions on products sold at Wal-Marts in Mexico.

Lordy, the next thing we'll hear is that labels on U.S. exports to Beijing have to be written in those silly Chinese characters. Is there no relief from government regulation?

Ben Oviatt


You only show one side of the coin. Companies trying to import into the U.S. face labeling and packaging restrictions as onerous and protective as those in Mexico. California, for example, forbids selling honey in 500-gram jars. Furthermore, goods sold in the U.S. are subject to the very same type of labeling restrictions (language, letter size, etc.) which you criticize for Mexico. I'd rather ship south than north.

Gerhart E. Reuss

Managing Director

Miel Carlota

Mexico City

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