Vagelos And The Search For His Successor At Merck

I read with interest your article on the search for a new CEO at Merck & Co. (American News, June 27). Unfortunately, it contained a factual error.

The statement that [outgoing CEO] P. Roy Vagelos' role in the search was "carefully limited" by the board is not true. His involvement was an extremely important part of the search. He participated in all of the relevant meetings and was fully involved in the decision process. Vagelos' insight, wisdom, and participation were most important to the successful outcome of the search.

Under Vagelos, Merck has had an unprecedented record of accomplishment. Highly effective new drugs have created strong growth. New strategies to deal with the changing health-care environment have been implemented, including the acquisition of Medco Containment Services Inc. and leadership in restraining prescription drug price increases.

Bruce Atwater

Director, Merck & Co.

Chairman and CEO

General Mills Inc.


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