Do Smokers Love Tobacco? Take A Look Down Under

In regard to your article "Tobacco: Does it have a future?" (American News, July 4), it is ironic that you have chosen American Independence Day

to feature a product that enslaves millions of Americans through nicotine


BUSINESS WEEK's throwaway comment concerning "the quarter of the population that truly enjoys smoking" is truly wide of the mark. Perhaps a quarter of the smoking population enjoys it--the rest are trying to quit. The most recent National Drug Household Survey findings in Australia show that 87% of smokers have, within the past year, tried to reduce or cease tobacco use, including 21% who quit for more than one month and another 41% who tried unsuccessfully to quit.

M.H. Goodin

Senior Tobacco Policy Officer

A.C.T. Alcohol & Drug Service

Canberra, Australia

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